Melania Trump is in the headlines after it was revealed that she and husband Donald Trump sleep in separate bedrooms. This very private detail was divulged through an unauthorized biography of the First Lady written by a journalist. 

According to CNN, the book entitled, "Free, Melania: The Unauthorized Biography" is set to be released on Dec. 2 and was written by Kate Bennett. Excerpts from the book have been lifted and were published in various outlets - the part where it mentioned Melania and Donald Trump’s sleeping arrangements got the most attention. 

The report stated that the book revealed the behind-the-scene life of the FLOTUS and it detailed many facts about her relationship with her husband and stepchildren. It was said that Melania is not exactly chummy with Ivanka Trump compared to when they were not yet living in the White House.   

“Cordial, not close,” The New York Times quoted Bennett as saying through her book. The CNN journalist further narrated that Melania gets annoyed when Ivanka travels overseas by saying, “The trips were, according to a source, too close for comfort for Melania, who thought Ivanka was invading her turf.”

As for Melania and her husband’s relationship, it was relayed that the two sleep on different floors. The First Lady has her own quarters on the third floor of the White House, while the POTUS occupies the master’s bedroom on the second floor. 

Bennett alleged that Melania Trump’s own suite has two rooms and that it was a space formerly occupied by Marian Robinson, Michelle Obama’s mother. The suite has a “glam room” which is where Melania does her hair and makeup, and it has a private gym, too. 

Donald Trump’s suite is said to be located on the opposite side of Melania’s room, and has a living room and a dressing room that faces the Rose Garden and the Oval Office. He reportedly requested a lock to be fitted on his bedroom door. 

Because of this, it is believed that Melania and Donald Trump do not sleep in the same bed together - which, surprisingly, isn't as uncommon as one may think! Apparently, this is a sleeping arrangement that even Queen Elizabeth II and her husband practice as it is a tradition which shows people that they are people of affluence and privilege since they have several rooms. “It was kind of a European thing,” author Annette Dunlap told PEOPLE.