It’s a known fact that some children take after their father while others resemble their mother. One of long-running discussions among royal family fans is whether Prince William and Prince Harry take after their father, Prince Charles, or their mother, the late Princess Diana.

Prince William

A lot of people say that it’s obvious that Prince William inherited his mother’s looks. “If you look at the pictures throughout childhood through to adulthood, you can clearly see that Prince William physically favors his mother Diana, Princess of Wales,” Ree Connell said on Quora. “As a adult, prince William hair has began to recede, but he still favours physically his mother, in facial features and colouring. Although he does have some similar traits also seen in Prince Phillip and his cousins Mark Phillips and Zara Tindall.”

“People often carry forward traits of both parents; the good and the bad, and Princes William and Harry are no different. William is more reserved, shy, thoughtful and introspective (a bit, not completely),” Deanna Eppers shared on the forum.

Apparently, even their former butler observed these things. “William, although he looks like his mother, he is more like his father,” former butler Paul Burrell revealed. “He’s studious, very careful, he’s very respectful, he’s duty bound.”

Prince Harry

Royal family fans say that that one physical trait that Prince Harry got from Princess Diana is his red hair, which is a Spencer trait. As for the rest, he got Prince Charles’ eyes, but his overall looks are closer to that of his grandfather, Prince Philip.

But for his personality, most people say that Prince Harry takes after Diana. “Harry on the other hand, is a hybrid of the Spencer’s red hair and the Windsors but he has his mother’s naughty streak,” explained former butler Paul Burrell.

“Harry is the fun guy,” Burrell added. “Harry was always the boy that would take apart the television set, the video recorder, he would have in bits, and would want them to put it back together again. Harry was always the soldier, William was always the general.”

Princess Diana, Prince Harry, Prince William and Prince Charles Princess Diana (L), her sons Harry and William and Prince Charles watch the parade march past as part of the commemorations of VJ Day 19 August in London. JOHNNY EGGITT/AFP/Getty Images