“Doctor Who” Season 12 trailer has been released online, and it teases the return of Cybermen. After Jodie Whitaker joined the show as the protagonist, she has only fought new monsters, especially the villain T’zim-Sha. She will now be fighting both the new and some familiar monsters.

The trailer of Season 12 shows that the climactic battle Whitaker’s character may be fighting this time around will be against the fan favorite Cybermen. As usual, the security of the entire planet rests on the shoulders of The Doctor, and she will embark on yet another hilarious adventure before she saves the day.

The Cybermen have been popular villains of the show who have been a part of the TV series for a long time. The fictitious alien race feels no emotion, and their main purpose is to convert humans to become one of the cyborgs.

The classic villains appeared in Season 10 of the TV series. Bill Potts (Pearl Mackie) turned into one of the Cybermen, and the villains are back for more.

The “Doctor Who” Season 12 trailer also reveals the return of the alien race Judoon. The rinoform humanoids are usually seen as mercenary police force.

The other interesting aspects of the show is that it will take the fans back to Paris. The timeline of this visit will be in 1943, with the show continuing with its formula of a story set in the past and the present. The fans can also expect to see a lot of action in space, with massive spaceships.

There will also be a special episode that will pay homage to James Bond, Cinema Blend reported. Just as in a 007 story, the plot of this episode will be about spies and villains.

An exact release date hasn’t been announced yet, but the trailer promised “Doctor Who” Season 12 will premiere in early 2020.

Doctor Who
"Doctor Who" Season 12 will air by early 2020. Doctor Who/Facebook

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