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In a new documentary that is currently streaming on Amazon and Apple TV+, people claim that they saw aliens after a UFO crash-landed in Brazil in the year 1996.

A new documentary, titled “Moment of Contact,” which reveals that extraterrestrials visited and died on earth, is currently streaming on Amazon and Apple TV+. In the documentary, college professor and amateur ultralight pilot named Carlos de Sousa said that he witnessed a UFO crash land in Varginha, Brazil on Jan. 13, 1996, New York Post reported.

Carlos says that when he ran to the site of the crash, he saw pieces of metal, like a thin aluminum foil, spread across the field. He said he picked up a piece of the metal and crumpled it in his hand, and then let it go. However, when he let it go, the metal piece returned to its original shape.

Carlos added that the military immediately showed up and soldiers started screaming at him to go away.

Seven days after the crash, sisters Liliane, 14, and Valquíria Silva, 16, and their friend Kátia Xavier, 21, spotted a creature just eight feet away.

“It had red eyes, oily skin. I couldn’t see an open mouth. Not smiling… Sad expression. Shrunken back. It didn’t have hair. Eyes three times bigger than ours.” says Katia in the documentary.

“What we saw wasn’t human and wasn’t an animal either. Nowadays I do think it was a being from another planet,” says Liliane.

“It wasn’t a man, it wasn’t an animal. What it was, I can’t say,” says Valquíria.

Even though the girls narrated the event to the press, they were met mostly with ridicule at the time. However, they have not changed their testimony in the last 25 years.

According to the documentary, the military set up a blockade in a residential neighborhood six miles away from the crash site and captured two of the creatures.

One of the creatures reportedly scratched a young officer, Marco Chereze. Chereze soon grew sick and sought help at the hospital. The doctor who treated him said Chereze spoke openly about what happened because he feared he was dying.

“It had brown skin with an oil or grease on the body. It had a big head with red eyes and no pupils. The face was like a reptile, like a frog with strange red eyes three times bigger than ours and three protuberances on the top of its head,” said Vitório Pacaccini, a civilian UFO investigator who said he was shown a film fragment of the creature by a senior officer.

Pacaccini said he had videotaped interviews with at least seven military officers about the encounter. After he accused the military of a cover-up, he said hostile drivers bumped his car on the highway on four separate occasions and several shots were fired at his car. After he received hundreds of death threats over the years, he moved to Italy to escape.

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