A preview for “The Crown” season 3, allegedly, takes a dig at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The preview features Queen Elizabeth portrayer Olivia Coleman stressing the importance and purpose of royal traditions—something that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex seem to not mind breaking.

The royal family has been embroiled in several controversies this year, most of which have had to do with Prince Harry and Meghan. Since Prince Harry and Meghan tied the knot last year, the British media has constantly taken swipe at them because of their royal protocol-breaking decisions.

Although “The Crown” season 3 is set way before Prince Harry and Meghan’s marriage, royal followers believe that Queen Elizabeth’s lines in the preview reference the current strains within the royal family. In the clip, Queen Elizabeth is shown uttering lines summing up the importance of royal tradition in the British monarchy.

“There are great many changes, but there we are,” she said. “We have to be in full view all the time, so what’s the answer? Ritual and mystery, because it keeps us hidden while still in plain sight. The smoke and the mirrors, the mystery and the protocol—it is not there to keep us apart. It is there to keep us alive,” she added.

One thing that royal followers praise Queen Elizabeth for is her faithfulness to royal traditions. She has lived through huge changes during her 66 years of reign, but despite societal shifts, she has managed to stay true to royal protocols.

Recently, Netflix has revealed that the third season of the hit drama will focus on Queen Elizabeth’s unwavering dedication to the Crown. It remains unknown how this will play out but royal followers find it timely that it is tackling royal traditions, especially since modern royals like Prince Harry and Meghan already seem to be veering away from these royal protocols.

Just last month, Prince Harry and Meghan were lambasted by the British media once again after giving candid behind-the-scenes interviews about their royal struggles. After branding their documentary as a “royal disaster,” one news outlet noted that Prince Harry is far from being king because he does not value royal traditions.

The Crown
'The Crown' Season 3 is expected to arrive later this year. The Crown/Facebook

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