Chilean Boy & Dog
"Reina," the kind-hearted dog that kept the little boy alive. YouTube/Niko vlogstrol

Chilean authorities rescued a malnourished 2-year-old boy who was being breastfed by a dog. Sources say the infant would’ve probably starved to death if "Reina" hadn’t taken him under her wing.

The child was rescued last week in the Chilean village of Arica after a worried citizen, Lory Escudero, alerted the authorities about the boy’s condition.

"When one of my partners told me what was happening, I took the phone and immediately called the institution so they could arrive there as soon as possible. When the personnel finally got to the place, they noticed the kid laying down drinking the dog’s milk, an image that, as a mother, cut me deep because of the careless actions of the mother, she was drunk, and had no idea what was happening," Escudero said to La Estrella de Arica.

The boy was found in horrible conditions, wearing just shorts, with no shoes on, several infections, living in what looked to be a mechanic workshop in the middle of nowhere. The only thing the little boy had to survive was Reina’s milk.

According to Police Officer Diego Gajardo, the minor was transported to the Hospital Doctor Juan Noé where he was treated. Later that day, the mom showed up inebriated but wasn’t apprehended because domestic violence was not stated in the reports. The little boy is currently under the State’s custody and his faith will be determined in Family Court on September 22.

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