A dog in Missouri was put down in January after she reportedly bit into the face of a child, causing potentially-permanent damage to the face and muscles of the toddler and prompting the parents of the boy to look for ways to pay for what might be life-saving surgery.

Brantley Manion, a five-year-old child, was reportedly pounced by his dog Marley, who was Mountain Cur English pointer cross. His mother Amanda Dally and Dally’s husband Christopher were hanging out in the living room when screams were heard from the bedroom, according to the New York Post.

“We ran in there and we had to take Marley off him. She wouldn’t stop, it was really vicious,” Dally said. “She was on top of Brantley and we couldn’t see him. Christopher pulled her off and Brantley was laying there holding his face together. She had sliced his face, it was a crazy night.”

Brantley was settled in with Marley at the time, watching a Disney film while Marley ate food. Christopher believes that when Brantley attempted to pet Marley, that the dog thought that he was stealing her food, which made her pounce at him aggressively, Metro reported.

“Christopher pulled her off and Brantley was laying there holding his face together. It didn’t hit me that it was Marley, I thought the bunk bed must have fallen on him, I couldn’t believe that Marley would have done that,” she said.

Brantley was brought to the hospital, where surgery was done on his face in an attempt to lessen the damage done. His wounds were so bad that you could see his teeth at the time through a tear on his cheek. He reportedly is suffering from torn ligaments and is unable to smile.

“He needs more surgery because he can’t smile. His mouth was completely in half so they had to reconnect the corners of his mouth,” Dally said.

Marley ended up being put down on the advice of local police officials and in spite of the pleas of the children, who were unable to say goodbye for their own safety. Brantley himself was willing to forgive Marley for what she did, and continually asks for her whereabouts.

“He wants her back but there’s nothing I can give him. He doesn’t want another puppy, he wants Marley. He just remembers the good times,” she said. “He said ‘Marley is sorry and she didn’t mean to.’ It’s so sad, he just wanted to forgive his dog.”

The couple have an active GoFundMe in an attempt to pay off the first surgery’s bills, which ended up being $16,000.

“I need to catch up on payments for the first surgery before he has another,” she added.

A dog in Missouri was put down after she was found to have bitten through her owner's child's face, causing damage to the toddler's face that could be permanent. This is a representational image. Tadeusz Lakota/Unsplash.

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