According to Limber Cruz, the Dominican Republic's Minister of Agriculture, proper planning has been made to ensure food security during the remainder of 2022 and during 2023, Diario Libre reported.

Cruz talked about the increase in the production of all the basic products in the country.

He said, “We are going to finish very well, the numbers and the growth of the food supply in the Dominican Republic have been quite important. We have increased production in all items of the basic basket, we have many more chickens, rice, many more eggs."

Despite the fact that the number of pigs has fallen due to African swine fever, Cruz continued, “but there will be pork at Christmas, we have much more potatoes; all the basic products, onions, garlic, all the products of the basic basket are growing.”

Because of the growth in tourism, free zones, and employment, he ensured that all of the nation's demands had been foreseen.

"There are items that we have planted up to 20% above last year," Cruz added.

According to the minister, the land prepared and sown this 2022 has increased between 10 and 20 percent, for next year's harvest.

The head of the Agriculture portfolio spoke to the press prior to the activity, where the Board of Directors of the Dominican Agribusiness Board (JAD) chose businessman José Manuel Mallén (Jochi), as Agribusinessman of the Year 2022, the highest award granted by the institution to one of Your partners.

According to reports, Mallén has developed one of the country's most cutting-edge cattle farms with the best cow genetics.

In a similar manner, the agribusinessman Mallén has gained recognition for the new ventures he has started, including the introduction of equine animals for cargo in national agriculture, the commercial breeding of rabbits, and the production of fresh tilapia and prawns in inland waters.

Jochi Mallén is the owner of Mallén Veterinaria, one of the primary producers of inputs for livestock production in the nation, as well as the promoter and founder of Embriodom, the first private embryo transplant laboratory for cattle that have been established in the Dominican Republic.

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