President Donald Trump claims that COVID vaccines are around the corner, with its distribution likely to get rolling in the next week or two. “We are rounding the curb,” said Trump on a Thanksgiving call with the U.S. troops stationed overseas, while gloating over the record stock market this week – the Dow hit 30,000 for the first time. The president conducted the teleconference in the Diplomatic Room of the White House.

“The vaccines are being delivered literally starting next week and week after, and the frontline workers and seniors and doctors, nurses, a lot of people going to start getting,” he added, reportedly enthusing how the rapid development of the vaccine was akin to a “medical miracle.” 

“Some people call that a medical miracle really a miracle. It could have taken four or five years to do this normally. It probably would have taken four or five years, just getting it through the FDA. We pushed it very hard,” he averred.

The statements come amid a time when the United States of America continues to grapple under the pandemic, having logged in over 12.9 million infections and more than 263,000 deaths for the virus.  As per recent reports, three vaccines have almost made the cut, having progressed to Phase 3 clinical trials. The final go-ahead lies with the Food and Drug Administration, and a meeting between Pfizer and FDA is slated on Monday.

On the other hand, Gen. Gustave Perna, who is spearheading the Operation Warp Speed that’s committed to offering fair distribution of the coronavirus vaccines nationwide, previously hinted at how he believes the FDA's authorization is likely to happen between Dec. 10 and Dec. 14. Upon authorization, it would roughly take about 24 hours to make the vaccine available to various communities.

The President interacted with different members of service stationed around the world, during the overseas call. He also spoke with Navy service members on the USS Winston S Churchill in the Red Sea, members of the Space Force in Colorado, and Coast Guard forces in the Kingdom of Bahrain. 

On the teleconference, all the service members sported face masks barring Trump. Trump reiterated that the developments in the U.S. military have panned out much better than imagined during his four years at the White House.

“Your equipment is getting newer and newer and better and better,” said Trump to crew members of the Churchill. “On the Army, we just made a tremendous purchase of equipment,” he added.

Donald Trump and Melania Trump US President Donald Trump (L) and First Lady Melania Trump (R) pay their respects to US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg as she lies in repose in front of the Supreme Court in Washington, DC, on September 24, 2020. Getty/ Alex Edelman