In a rather bizarre incident of sorts, a Taco Bell outlet in Idaho had law enforcement officials coming in on Sunday to make peace between a customer and store employee as things escalated a little too soon. Reason? The outlet skimped on giving a customer extra hot sauce packets!

The act irked the customer beyond imagined, and it didn’t take long for a scuffle to break out at the outlet. The man in question, whose identity remains confidential, reportedly help up a drive-thru and refused to budge until he got his share of extra hot sauce packets.

This in turn resulted in a bottleneck jam in the store’s parking lot, that didn’t clear up until the cops from the Rexburg police department were summoned. Police Chief Shane Turman reportedly maintained that the chain did the right thing by reaching out for help.

“With Taco Bell, someone was making too big of a deal out of (not getting their hot sauce),” said Turman as per a media outlet. “We have more important things to do,” he added.

The reason behind the man’s inane fury is yet to be known. This isn’t a first of sorts as far as weird stuff being reported at the popular fast food joint is concerned. Not too long ago, a Taco Bell employee from Hartford, Conn., chain, was in the news for allegedly firing shots at two customers in the restaurant’s parking lot last month. The woman was charged with an arrest warrant on Tuesday.

Taco Bell
The Tex-Mex fast-food chain will start serving alcohol for the first time in the US in one of its locations in Chicago. Ken Wolter /

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