U.S. President Donald Trump has faced several questions to date concerning the handling of the coronavirus pandemic in the country as thousands of Americans continue to lose their life because of it.

However, he has always defended his administration and claimed that they are doing a good job and have been phenomenal when it comes to the coronavirus response.

Recently during an interview, Trump graded himself “A+” while answering questions related to the pandemic situation in the country.

"We're rounding the corner," he said on Monday morning. "With or without a vaccine. They hate when I say that but that's the way it is. ... We've done a phenomenal job. Not just a good job, a phenomenal job. Other than public relations, but that's because I have fake news. On public relations, I give myself a D. On the job itself, we take an A+."

His response has been quite similar to all of his previous responses in different months. Several reported and media houses have asked him before about the situation, highlighting how fast the COVID-19 pandemic is spreading across the U.S. To all the questions, he has always rated his administration’s effort as “phenomenal” or “10 out of 10.”

If we go by history, his responses have been more or less the same when he is asked how exactly would he rate his presidency. The question is, how can a president rate himself “A+” when the total death toll due to COVID-19 in the U.S. is about to hit the 200,000 mark.

Trump has almost always downplayed the threat posed by a coronavirus, especially when in public. Apart from that, he has vouched for unproven medications and remedies to “cure” the coronavirus infection and even disapproved of wearing a mask in public by not following the guidelines himself.

So far, the U.S. is the worst affected country in the world with more than 6.8 million COVID-19 infections and 199,517 deaths.

Despite Trump’s consistent claims, there is no evidence that the country is “rounding the corner” or will even be able to stop the epidemic in the coming weeks or months.

"The ban on H-1B visas, which are often used to fill very niche positions that are not easily found in the American workforce, will ultimately prove to be counterproductive and is an example of using a nuclear bomb to address a bar fight," said Leon Fresco, a former deputy assistant attorney general in the Obama administration who now represents H-1B workers. Photo by History in HD on Unsplash

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