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The small Latin band group that began practicing music in their garage are now more popular than ever.

This year, Coachella 2023 headlined Bad Bunny, who recently collaborated with Grupo Frontera, gave the Latin community something to be proud of.

"They [Grupo Frontera] started off playing in their garage, now they are with big Latin stars at Coachella, it is awesome. Latin music is being heard more and more," Grupo Frontera and Bad Bunny fan Victoria Juarez said.

Grupo Frontera appeared as a special guest with Bad Bunny in the second week of Coachella on Friday.

This year, Coachella recognized the new generation of Latin music.

The six-man Latino group also received their first ever Latin AMA for best song, No se Va, on Thursday.

"I was always ashamed to be Mexican, because people would treat me different when I would travel to different places, but now I am slowly starting to show my Mexican pride, because believe it or not, celebrities are also fans of us, of our music, didn't Snoop Dogg make a song with a Mexican band too? Banda MS and Snoop Dogg did a song together not too long ago, and that was different but showed that our music is heard all around the world," Juarez said.

Viva Mexico!

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