Tom Brady
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Whether it’s breaking a record we never thought could be broken or performing a jaw-dropping play, wild things happen in sports that leave us shocked. They remind us why we watch sports in the first place.

Here are seven wild things that happened in sports this week:

1. Tom Brady Makes History

Tom Brady is the greatest QB to ever to play the sport of football and he accomplished something on Sunday that has never been done. Over 25,000 players have played in an NFL game in history, but Tom Brady is the first to ever throw for more than 100,000 yards (including playoffs). This speaks to his longevity and great career.

2. De’Aaron Fox Wins It For Sacramento

Fox has had a fantastic season to start and has given the Kings some hope that this could possibly be the year they finally break into the playoffs. Against the Orlando Magic, Fox hit a buzzer-beating 3-pointer from halfcourt to win the game.

3. Dog Sets Record For Longest Catch

This dog made an incredible catch of a frisbee, running 109 yards to make the grab. The thrower, Rob McLeod, also deserves a ton of credit for such a fantastic throw.

4. Logan Paul POV Jumping Through A Table

Logan Paul and Roman Reigns faced off at WWE’s Crown Jewel PPV for what turned out to be an exciting match. At one point, Logan Paul launches from the top of a turnbuckle into Reigns who’s on the announcing table. Paul happened to be recording from a phone while he jumped, giving us this awesome POV.

5. Brazil Announces Roster For World Cup

Brazil announced its roster for the World Cup and with that, came the reactions from the players who made it. Some were filled with raw excitement and joy, while others couldn’t hold back tears from the emotional moment.

6. Sergio Llull From Halfcourt

Llull is known for being one of the best basketball players who plays overseas. His creativity and skill is incredible and that was on display this week when the Real Madrid captain hit a buzzer-beating halfcourt shot with a defender all over him in Spanish Liga ACB action.

7. Amputee League Goal

The Polish Amputee Football team is responsible for one of the most incredible goals we’ve seen. This stunning feat has left us astonished.

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