Fans of the MOBA game didn’t have to wait long for this anticipated announcement since the show launched on Mar. 25 on Netflix. No doubt “Dota: Dragon’s Blood” will return for a second season, although, when, nobody knows.

The popular Netflix anime series is based on Valve’s famed multiplayer online battle arena video game. The news was dropped a month after the first season streamed on Netflix and fans alike can’t help wondering what’s in store for the next season.

Season 1 ends with the Invoker turning against the heroes, and this sets ups the pace for season 2. The audience saw the Invoker brokering a deal with Terrorblade to wreak havoc in Selemene’s kingdom as an act of revenge on losing their daughter, Filomena.

Davion provides a dilemma: how can he draw and use the power without losing himself. It’s interesting enough to see that everyone wants a piece of Slyark.

Invoker, of all people, needed Slyark for Terrorblade to open new worlds and recreate reality. This will give him a chance to bring his daughter back to life. Whether he’ll have a change of heart in season 2 or not, it’s a fascinating development on how they will renegade against Terrorblade.

The viewers are left to speculate what will happen in season 2, but, at least the developers left something for everyone to enjoy – “Dota 2: Free To Play.”

Netflix’s "Dota: Dragon’s Blood" made it to the top 10 in 47 countries. It currently ranks #7 as the most-watched anime series, according to Flix Patrol.

According to some Twitter posts, fans guess that the next update of Dota: Dragon’s Blood will be during The International Dota 2 esports tournament.

The first season was broadcasted for eight episodes with a running time of 30 minutes. If the second installment follows the pattern of the season’s release schedule, the audience might expect the show to be back by next year or in 2023.

Developing a good animation will take a year to create memorable shows. But, with Studio Mir, the company behind the animated adaptation, they have a track record of releasing productions in a year.

Only time can tell when the next update will drop, but fans are assured that a second installment is coming.

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