Dr. Stone season 3
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"Dr. Stone," a Japanese animation series, just finished its second season in March and recently started its final arc. The series is based on the same-named Japanese manga series, which launched in July 2019 on TMS Entertainment. Senku Ishigami, a youthful scientific genius, intends to recreate civilization after humanity was suddenly petrified for 3,700 years.

Toonami and other networks – including BS 11, KBS, MX, SUN, TBC, and others – aired the anime series. "Dr. Stone" has a large fan following thanks to a fascinating plot set in the future, and the debut of the third season of the manga anime series has caused quite a stir.

Season 22 of "Dr. Stone" premiered in early 2021, after which season 21 premiered in 2019. If rumors are to be believed, Gizmo Story said the Japanese anime series will most likely return for a third season in the summer of 2022. The official teaser for Dr. Stone season 3 has been released, too. Hence, the upcoming season looks intriguing, giving fans a glance into the adventures on the open sea.

There have been no official statements about the release of "Dr. Stone" Season 3. Still, given that the teaser has already been released, the formal release can be expected very soon.

The characters in "Dr. Stone" will mostly remain the same, as will the voice cast. For the Japanese adaptation, Yusuke Kobayashi and Makoto Furukawa will voice the major characters of Senku and Taiju, respectively. On the other side, Aaron Dismuke will voice Senku for the English dub, and Ricco Fajardo will voice Taiju.

Felecia Angelle, Brandon McInnis, and Brittany Lauda will voice the other characters in the English version. Manami Numakura, Ayumu Murase, and Gen Sato will do so in the Japanese adaptation. It has not yet been confirmed when it comes to the introduction of new characters and voice actors.

Alpha News Call said that the plotline of "Dr. Stone" season 3 will be inspired by the manga series' chapter Age of Exploration. Senku and his friends embark on an adventure in the wide sea, sailing around the world searching for answers to the civilization's curse. Season 3 will reveal whether or not they are successful in their goal to save humans.

Meanwhile, Comicbook said the latest volume of Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine has officially started the last arc of "Dr. Stone" manga! Riichiro Inagaki and Boichi began with Earth's petrification, which imprisoned Senku Ishigami and the rest of the world away for thousands of years, only to be resurrected in a prehistoric-like world of stone much later.

The series' core mystery involves Senku determining that the source of the petrification was someone on the moon whom he has called the "Why-Man." As fans have witnessed, this mystery is now closer than ever to being solved.

The series' Chapter 212 was released this week, and it marks the beginning of the series' very last arc. Senku and the rest of the world are now making final preparations to launch a voyage to space in order to meet the Why-Man on the moon and learn out why they were petrified in the first place, dubbed the "Final Part: Stone to Space" arc. This means that when a select trio embarks on their historic mission, the series' final enigma will be disclosed in due time.

The series will take a vacation on October 3rd. They will not release a new chapter so that Inagaki and Boichi can conduct additional research. Instead, on October 10th, Chapter 213 of the series will be released, taking the final arc in its original route. Senku and the others have been going over the world to gather the necessary resources and work force for such a massive operation, as fans have witnessed throughout the last few arcs.

Dr. Stone season 3
Dr. Stone season 3 photo: screen capture from @animetv_jp

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