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A drug trafficking ring in Florida allegedly run by a former state corrections officer residing in Volusia County was recently busted by sheriff deputies resulting in 10 arrests. The crackdown stemmed from a long-term investigation that began in March 2021 involving multiple law enforcement agencies. Corrections prison guard Cristina Guess, 44, was arrested along with the organization’s supplier, 26-year-old Reshard Campbell. The drug ring reportedly had a wide expanse of meth distribution channels spanning multiple jurisdictions.

According to Click Orlando, Guess is strongly believed to be the top boss of the drug ring and allegedly has been running its meth business around Central Florida while Campbell was responsible for the monthly distribution of methamphetamine in Volusia County and Lake County. The criminal organization is reportedly behind the trafficking of up to 24 pounds of uncut methamphetamine over a period of one year.

While other members of the organization were apprehended on several charges including narcotics and firearms violations as well as violent crimes against persons, one alleged member has also been the subject of another investigation involving the death of an infant in December 2021. Andrea Dunmire, 34, is said to be involved in the death of the infant due to methamphetamine toxicity. Dunmire is currently detained at the Volusia County jail.

“We’re not sure exactly how that occurred. Our homicide detectives are continuing that investigation and we’re working with the state attorney’s office to hold her accountable for that. We don’t believe that it was an intentional act, but likely through neglect.”

In a press conference held on Tuesday, VSO Chief Deputy Brian Henderson said the Sheriff’s Office is well aware of the existence of many drug trafficking organizations and assured the public that the men and women of his task force are devoted to the work they do to keep these criminals in check and they are dealt with by the law accordingly.

"The men and women on our task force as a team, this is their mission. This is their passion. They love doing this type of work, and I assure you that if you’re out there trafficking drugs in our communities, it’s only a matter of time before we’re kicking in your front door, and you’re going to jail,” he added.

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