Dulce María New Album 2014: Mexican Singer Releases 'Sin Fronteras,' Turns Down Collab With RBD Members

Dulce María
Dulce María just released her new album "Sin Fronteras," featuring collaborations by many artists. However, the singer revealed she's not planning on recording anything with her former RBD bandmates anytime soon. Getty

Mexican singer Dulce María just released her new album, “Sin Fronteras,” her second as a solo artist. This project features the collaboration of Coti Sorokin, whom Dulce María had long awaited for to work with in at least one song. Sorokin, the famous Argentinean singer/songwriter, not only shared with her a few of his songs, but also produced some of her tracks. This makes Dulce María the third Mexican artist to be produced by Coti, after Julieta Venegas and Paulina Rubio.

“I spoke with him a few times and he said: ‘Look, I’m going to be very honest, I only work with someone when I really believe in the project and when it’s interesting. Otherwise, I don’t even bother,’” Dulce María recalled in a press conference to promote her new record. Coti ended up writing and producing “Te quedarás,” “En Contra” and “Corazón en pausa.” He also suggested Dulce María to record her own version of his song “Antes que ver el sol.”

Besides Coti Sorokin, Dulce María also invited other artists to be featured on “Sin Fronteras.” Manu Gavassi, Naty Botero, Frankie J, and Pambo will also be heard on the former RBD star’s new album. However, it was her duet with Julión Alvarez that has got her extremely excited because he “gives this production the Mexican feel I wanted it to have.” “Ever since I began thinking about this new project, I wanted to involve my country and what a better way to do so than with Julión Alvarez, who brings the Mexican flare to our song,” added Dulce María.

Although this new album has a lot of big names, there are a few others that we won’t be seeing anytime soon, as Dulce María said she doesn’t plan to do a collaboration with any of her former RBD bandmates. “I think it’s not the right time yet. So far people have received my work with acceptance, and it wouldn’t be nice to involve my former work only to increase my fan base as a solo artist. So I would rather continue this path with one or two collaborations with new colleagues,” the artist revealed.

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