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Dusten Brown, the biological father of four-year-old Baby Veronica has turned himself into police after charges of custodial interference were filed against him. Baby Veronica is the child at the center of a heated custody battle between the girl's biological father and the Capobianco couple, her adoptive parents.

Matt and Melanie Capobianco adopted Veronica when she was born in September 2009. The girl's birth mother personally chose the Capobianco couple to adopt her daughter. Baby Veronica was born in Oklahoma and then went with her adoptive family to their home in South Carolina.

Dusten Brown objected to the child's adoption despite reports the US Army solider had given up his parental rights. Brown used the Indian Child Welfare act to put a stop to Veronica's adoption in South Carolina. The act was placed into effect to ensure Native American children are adopted and fostered by Native American couples.

Dusten Brown is a member of the Cherokee Nation and in 2011 a judge gave Brown custody of Baby Veronica and he took her home to Oklahoma. The Capobianco family had raised Veronica since birth for two years and vowed to fight to get their daughter back.

According to the child is of various backgrounds including Hispanic and Caucasian. The organization claims the use of the Indian Child Welfare Act was misappropriated in Veronica's case because she is only one-percent Cherokee.

Matt and Melanie Capobianco took their custody case to the Supreme Court where it was decided the law Brown used to gain custody of Veronica did not apply. The first decision granting Brown custody of Veronica was over turned and the state of South Carolina finalized her adoption.

A judge ordered a gradual return period to ease Baby Veronica back into life with her adoptive parents. When Dusten Brown did not show up with the child to the first of these sessions a judge ordered the girl be returned immediately to the Capobianco couple.

Brown refused and a warrant was issued for his arrest. After turning himself in on Monday, Brown was released on bail. Baby Veronica is currently in the custody of her paternal Grandparents. The Capobianco couple have appealed the state and federal authorities to return their daughter to South Carolina.


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