Prime minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte
Dutch PM Mark Rutte wins election: Netherlands says no to ‘wrong kind of populism' Photo by Patrick van Katwijk/BSR Agency/Getty Images

Cops beefed up security of Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, whose government has vowed to crack down on organized crime, after reportedly getting signals of a possible attack by criminals connected to the drug trade.

Since taking office more than a decade ago, Rutte has always opted to have a limited level of personal protection and is often seen cycling to and from his home and government buildings in The Hague. Many passersby also approach him wishing to chat with him or take selfies, according to Euronews.

To protect the Prime Minister with "visible and invisible measures," specially trained cops from the Dutch royal and diplomatic security services were assigned to him, said a source. Rutte said that "safety and protection are issues never to be discussed in public".

Violence and killings connected to the drug trade have become quite common in the Netherlands in the last few years. Dutch crime reporter Peter R. de Vries, who had taken up the counselor role to a star witness in a drug case, was shot in Amsterdam in July. He didn't die on the spot, but days later he passed away due to his injuries.

Amid death threats, a former member of a political party was arrested and later released after the PM's security detail suspected him of behaving in a suspicious manner. On Sunday, the Royal and Diplomatic Security Service arrested Arnoud Van Doorn, who served as a senior political adviser for Party for Freedom leader Geert Wilders at one point of time, in The Hague, reported CNN.

According to the Public Prosecutor's Office, he was let go Monday but "remains a suspect," in connection with "trying to provide information to others to prepare a serious crime." Another spokesperson said that the investigation is not yet complete.

Doorn's lawyer, Anis Boumanjal, said that the allegations are "not supported by facts," and are "devoid of reality." Boumanjal's client was in the same place as the Prime Minister, as his mom lives in the area and he visits the same café as Rutte. The lawyer added that Doorn also apparently went to a fitness center the Prime Minister goes to, inquiring about operating hours and rates. The Prime Minister's office is yet to comment on it.

Prime minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte
Prime minister and VVD leader Mark Rutte is seen walking in the city center after leaving the Logement at Plein square after a long day of formation talks with informateur Johan Remkes on September 27, 2021 in The Hague, Netherlands. Photo by Patrick van Katwijk/BSR Agency/Getty Images

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