Each one of you interprets the day of the earth in your own way. Some do not pay attention to this day because “it is a very 'earthly' themed”, however for those who do pay attention, we gather these great and educational posts that reflect love and respect for the place we live.

Today the Earth resists as it can the persistent aggressions that corrode the planet's life more and more. Phenomena such as the greenhouse effect, the destruction of the ozone layer, the death of forests and the contamination of soils are nothing more than a spooky display of the risks that threaten the terrestrial environment.

Earth day has come and this is the perfect time for you to do some changes looking at it differently and appreciating life on its most simple way.  Try to read a book outside rather then watch TV inside, skip the gym once in a while and go out for a run, hike or bike ride outside; eat more veggies and drink more water. Make one of these routines and doon't stay trapped in a box. Explore the best ways to celebrate this day. 

The Earth day is on April 22.  Now everybody, including a new version of Google Earth, will pay their tribute to our 'Mother Earth' with very cool posts you can’t miss. Enjoy these great advises on how to preserve the environment on the posts below. 


What are yu doing for Earth? Leave your comments.