Katy Perry dropped her new song last week and it is called “Cozy Little Christmas.” A festive music video came with it but aside from the lively tune what caught the most attention was the singer’s Christmas makeup look. 

The MV featured holiday makeups that are so unique yet look really good. Perry’s makeup was done by Anthony Nguyen and on his Instagram, he shared photos of his eyeliner works on the singer. He applied two kinds of eyeliner designs on her and out of the two, it seems that the candy cane-themed is easier to do.

The things needed to achieve the same Christmas makeup look is also easy to get compared to the one that needed sparkling stones. For fans who would like to get the same killer candy cane eyeliner featured in Katy Perry’s music video, StyleCaster suggested getting the Venus Liner Crème Gel Liner that can be purchased for just $5.50 at ColourPop and the Exit Liner Crème Gel Liner at the same price. 

Hola! also listed another option to get Perry’s Christmas makeup look featuring the candy cane’s red and white stripes. To recreate it, the publication listed only two items as well and they are Stila’s Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner in Snow shade and this is available at Sephora.com for $22. For the red line, the NYX’s Vivid Bright Red Eyeliner was suggested and it can be bought at ulta.com for $4.90. 

As for the direction to achieve Perry’s candy cane Christmas makeup look, the white liner must be applied first. Simply draw diagonal lines on the cat-eye shape over the eyelash line then get the red liner and paint on the spaces to form the stripes. 

The eyeliner from NYX comes with a thin brush and this will make it easier to create the stirpes. Perry has seven stripes but it can be lessened as the important thing is to draw the stripes. Finally, complete the Christmas makeup look with bright red lipstick, pink blush, long lashes and faux freckles just like what the singer has.