Beautiful and talented actress Zoe Saldana, shared with all her fans one of her family's main recipes but she made it healthier and even easier but still yummy.

The actress uploaded a video on her family’s production company YouTube channel, "Cinestar Pictures," where she cooked an amazing "Quinoa Stir Fry," a healthier version of her mom’s Fried Rice recipe.

"The dish that I want to share with you guys is my momma’s fried rice. The reason why this is so special to me is because we grew up partially in New York and then we moved to Dominican Republic when I was ten," the actress started saying in the video.

"My first years in New York were amazing because we were exposed to so many cultures and variations of food. I became a fan of Chinese food. So when we moved to Dominican Republic, I really missed having delicious Chinese Food. My mom, in order to compensate, started to cook these dishes at home."

Saldana continued, "She would find the way to make it with whatever Caribbean vegetable we had and then she would stir fry them. Now that I’m older and I eat a lot healthier, instead of making it with rice, I do it with quinoa, and I still end up enjoying a dish that I grew up loving so much. It still has that savory delicious taste of fried rice," Zoe confessed in the clip.

During the video, she shared some family pictures and also had to taste the yummy dish that called the attention of her sisters, Cisely and Mariel, who had a bite from Zoe’s plate to try the final result. "I'm serious, everyone loves it! It makes me quiet popular sometimes at the house," the actress said right after her sisters tried her dish.

Watch the video below and enjoy the quick recipe, perfect as a family meal.