Daniel Noboa (L) would become Ecuador's youngest-ever president.
Daniel Noboa (L) would become Ecuador's youngest-ever president, if elected. AFP

Ecuador's attorney general said 29 people, including the head of the country's judicial regulator, were detained Thursday for investigation in a drug trafficking case.

The detention took place after the judiciary council, alongside the houses of judges, prosecutors and police officers, were raided Thursday morning by 900 prosecutors and police officers. Over 75 raids were done in a single day.

Attorney General Diana Salazar took to X, formerly known as Twitter, on Thursday and wrote, "When corruption and drug trafficking come together, we have a real cancer in society" [Google Translate showed].

She continued, "This case reminds us that we cannot give up and that together we can rescue the country from the hands of crime. We will not allow impunity!"

Alongside the X post, she also attached a YouTube link where she revealed that the investigation has highlighted "criminal structures embedded in all levels of the state and directly linked to drug trafficking," Reuters reported.

In the video message, she disclosed that Judiciary Council chief Wilman Teran alongside a former police general, personnel from the prison agency and lawyers have been kept in detention.

In response to the detention, Teran posted on X, "In legitimate use of my defense I have challenged national judge Felipe Córdova, I do not feel independence or transparency in the process. I have received inhuman treatment: they have limited my food, hydration, hygiene and rest; rights to maintain the necessary vitality. I will win."

He shared a video of his arrest on social media and called it "a persecution."

Ecuador President Daniel Noboa -- who took over the office last month -- has filed a complaint against judges and prosecutors, who assisted criminal gangs, and said their names will be unveiled.

On the same day when the detention took place, the president shared a post on X "to congratulate the Minister of Government and the National Police for the capture of Byron MB, alias "Borreguito", who has a criminal record and participated in the murder of five minors and their mother," adding that "no crime will go unpunished."

Ecuador isn't the only Latin American country dealing with crimes like drug trafficking as the United States' list of major drug transit or production nations includes Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama and Venezuela.

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