Eduardo Yáñez Jr. had a sit-down interview with "Primer Impacto" where he revealed he was sexually abused as a kid and the reason why him and his famous father had a fallout. "It too me years to get it out of my head that the act of sex is not bad and that it comes when two people like each other and is not aggressive or is about forcing someone," he said on the Univision show. Yáñez Jr. said it was his mother's housekeeper that took his innocence away. "I couldn't have a sexual act because I was scared", he confessed. 

Eduardo Yáñez Jr. revealed that he stole money from his father, which caused the rift between the two. "I took money that I shouldn't have," he said. "When he left to go do a telenovela he left an account that was meant for emergencies and my future in school. He told me not to touch it and if I needed money to go out with friends, to ask him. I simply started spending the money from that account." He ended up spending $15,000 and the telenovela star threatened him with calling immigration services to take him back to Mexico. Yáñez Jr. also says he was a victim of verbal abuse from his father every time they got into an argument, commenting on his looks and telling him he should've never been born. Watch the complete interview below and tell us what you think!

Prior to the interview with "Primer Impacto," Eduardo Yáñez Jr. also talked to "Al Rojo Vivo" and gave insight to the problems with his father.

"It wasn't about money, it was a physical problem between my father and I," he told "Al Rojo Vivo." "We were both at fault, the problem was not made by itself. He said he wanted to defend me but I think that he didn't reveal the real issues because it's a problem where I don't look good and he doesn't either." After watching the interview with Rodner Figueroa, the son of the telenovela star doesn't think he's on a path to move forward with his father. "I thought he had changed and now I don't know what to think," he added. "Things happen between families and I think it's due to resentment and hate that has happened in our lives and we have hurt each other."

Yáñez Jr. was asked to expand on his tweet where he wrote "actions speak louder than words." "I said things about the past and he returned that as a slap of things in the past," he said. "It does hurt when a father and you have lived through a lot and even though we have not been kind to each other, I wanted to see a message like 'good thing you're not dying' or something like that. I will have to deal with that, with that pain in my life. Maybe becoming a father will help me understand things that I don't understand at the moment because one has to grow and let life teach you lessons. That's how it's been since I was 2 years old and my mother and father split and I had to live with my grandmother who I saw die of cancer... there's a lot of things I've lived through that I've kept in my heart. It breaks my heart having a person that supposedly has love for you and only shows it when it's convenient for him."