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Three suspects have been arrested and charged by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) for the murder of a 4th-year female student from Egerton University.

Accused are Diana Njeri Muthiomi, Tamar Wambora Njeru and Eric Maingi Mutuma, all of whom are allegedly behind the strangulation and dumping of 22-year-old Eunice Muthoni Njeri. The body of the student was found on Dec. 7, 2020, at the Subuku river in Njoro, Nakuru County.

In the autopsy report conducted by Dr. Wanagri Wambugu of the Egerton University Funeral home last Dec. 10, it was found that Njeri was strangled by her killers before her body was dumped in the river. People handling the case claim that the murder was planned and executed by her two close friends, Muthiomi and Njeru.

Investigators alleged that the possible reason behind the killing was because Diana had suspected Eunice of having an affair with her husband, Eric Mainigi Mutuma.

A day before Njeru’s death, investigators claim that Muthiomi and Njeru left town to attend a funeral in Nakuru, leaving the 22-year-old with Mutuma. When they returned later that night, it appears that a confrontation took place. Bitter words were exchanged concerning the alleged and brewing love affair, DCI stated on Twitter.

The following day, Diana and Tamar called Eunice to settle the matter. It was the last time the 22-year-old woman was seen alive. The DCI Homicide Branch placed Diana at the scene, confirming that she was there during the wee hours of Dec. 7. It was the exact spot where the body of Eunice was found.

The three, Diana, Tamar and Eric are now in their custody in connection with the murder. Also, Diana and Eric are facing electronic fraud charges aside from the murder of Njeri. It turns out the two had 722 Sim cards and 7 mobile phones at their home when police searched the premises.

The three will be arraigned at the Nakuru Law courts on Monday. A search for other potential accomplices tied to the murder of Eunice Muthoni Njeri is underway.

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