Eiza Gonzalez has returned to Twitter after announced she was going "bye bye for a while." How long is "for a while" you ask? It was less than a week as she first posted on November 11 tweeting, "You guys are the best. I cannot explain the love that give me the happiness that provokes me! Love you forever and thank you for the support." The message was directed to her fans directly after she announced her temporary retirement from the social network. As we predicted on a previous article, Eiza would come back to Twitter once she needed to promote a new movie. Just today, November 12, the startlet linked to Liam Hemsworth, shared a photo from the set of a television show she is working on in Texas. "HELLO AUSTIN!!," she wrote. "First day shooting with the AMAZING Robert Rodriguez! Something awesome is cooking people!! EPIC." The caption was accompanied by a picture of a director's chair with the logo of "From Dusk Till Dawn."

Eiza coming back to Twitter only fuels our theory of Gonzalez following in Miley Cyrus' footsteps. Remember when Miley "said adios" to Twitter? She rapped about it saying, "I stopped livin' for moments and started living for people ... I want my private life private." Cyrus returned to the social network when she was ready to promote a tour and a new album. But unlike Eiza, Miley actually deleted her Twitter account and left the social network completely, perhaps to avoid temptation. On November 5, Eiza wrote, "Bye bye twitter for a while." She followed that message up by citing lyrics from "The Warmth" by Incubus, "Don't let the world bring you down. Now everyone here is that f**ked up and cold. Remember why you came."

Eiza Gonzalez has been casted in the television adaptation of "From Dusk Till Dawn" by Robert Rodriguez. The show will air on the new El Rey Network, which Rodriguez founded himself. The production of the series began this week in Austin of the 10-episode series which is slated to premiere in early 2014. In September Eiza Gonzalez landed a role in the upcoming movie directed by Adrian Cervantes and titled, "All Hail The Squash Blossom Queen." "Eiza won't play a Hispanic part, but a straight American girl," Cervantes told E! News about Gonzalez's character who will be named Brittany. The director also revealed that the plot is about "a small-town girl who lives to compete in beauty pageants. She'll be facing a huge challenge when her main love interest becomes her biggest opponent at the town's beauty pageant." Are you happy Eiza is back on Twitter?