El Brujo Mayor 2014 Predictions: Ricky Martin Adopts Baby, Juan Gabriel In Trouble With Justice And Two Celebrity Deaths

Ricky Martin
El Brujo Mayor predicted Ricky will have a new love this year: a new baby boy he will adopt. Reuters

It seems this year is going to be very eventful when it comes to the Latin entertainment world. Just a few days ago, Spanish futurologist Conchita Hurtado predicted that Shakira and Gerard Piqué would break up due to her pressuring him to settle down. Although we’re not sure how accurate those predictions are (rumors are circling that Shak is expecting baby number two and we’re pretty sure Piqué would want to be next to her), we can be almost certain that El Brujo Mayor’s predictions will be pretty correct. This Mexican psychic, whose real name is Antonio Vásquez Alba, has made a name for himself delivering dead-on forecasts of the future regarding sports, entertainment and politics.

This year, he revealed an interesting report on how 2014 would look like for the entertainment industry. He said that Ricky Martin won’t have a new boyfriend this year, but he will adopt a baby boy. “Ricky’s breakup will be definitive. We will see him alone. He won’t have a partner, but he will have a radical year in which he will adopt a baby boy. It’s a decision that he has been pondering for a while, it’s not something that came as a rush,” El Brujo said. He also added that according to the cards, Juan Gabriel will have an awesome year on stage, but not so much with the justice.

“He owes many taxes to the American and Mexican governments which he hasn’t paid because he got lazy. He could perform a few concerts and pay his debt, but if he doesn’t, he could have great trouble with authorities.” Meanwhile, when it comes to celebrities and love, it will be a great year for Anahí, who according to El Brujo, will finally get married to her boyfriend, the current governor of Chiapas, Manuel Velasco Coello. Thalía will remain happily married to Tommy Mottola, and will enjoy success as an entrepreneur, with her clothing line, magazine and books.

However, he added, she won’t star in any telenovelas and although she will release a couple of records, they won’t be too great. Thalía will be the center of many headlines, but not for her music. As for her sister, Laura Zapata, she will continue to badmouth Thalía and her other sisters, and will have a year full of conflicts. “Laura will continue to distill poison but I think she’s over it. She’s just jealous of Thalía. Laura will have a busy year when it comes to work, but I think she won’t do as good, because people don’t love her anymore,” El Brujo revealed.

Among the disclosures that have us wondering, is that although this year won’t be too filled with tragic deaths, the sudden passing of an important figure, between the ages of 35-40 will shock everyone. That celebrity will lose their life after a motorcycle accident, following a well deserved vacation that will end tragically. There will be another death too. Cancer will take the life of an actress between the ages of 45-50. What do you think about El Brujo Mayor’s predictions? Do you have predictions of your own? Let us know!

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