'El Chapo' Guzmán was arrested on February 22nd, however, the vast majority of Mexicans still believe that the Sinaloa Cartel leader is the most powerful man in the country. In fact, 53 percent of those surveyed in a new study by JANA, an global research company based in Boston, agreed that Joaquin Guzmán Loera was more powerful than the Mexican government. Only 20 percent responded in the negative and 27 percent said they didn't know. This is the first such survey done since Guzmán's capture.

'El Chapo' Guzmán also enjoys support from elements of the Mexican government according to those surveyed, with 69 percent saying that the Sinaloa Cartel leader has support from key government figures. The question of Loera's extradition was a little more divisive: 44 percent of Mexicans surveyed felt that 'El Chapo' should be extradited to the United Sates, while 38 percent felt that he should stay in Mexico. The topic of extradition has become contentious between the two countries.

Among the reasons cited for supporting 'El Chapo's extradition were a more strict justice system, more severe laws, less corruption, less chance of him escaping from prison and that he might be given the electric chair. Meanwhile, those surveyed felt that in Mexico he would be more likely to escape from prison, as he did so in 2001. Finally, when asked how people believed Guzmán managed to evade capture for so long, those surveyed suggested that corruption and government protection were key.