In 2012, Kate del Castillo caused controversy for being too raw and honest on social media regarding religion, sexuality, politics and organized crime leaders. The Mexican actress, who seems to have a very opinionated mind and is clearly not afraid to make her thoughts public, addressed Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán in one of her Tweets and encouraged him to do good things instead of trafficking, and said she believed in his well mending more than the government’s.

When she was confronted about such comments, “La Reina del Sur” star mentioned: “I remember they wanted me to take the post down, but I didn’t do it. No way! There was not anything I said I didn’t agree with, and I’m keeping my word, and I’ll tell you again, I don’t regret anything, and I won’t back down.”

With “El Chapo’s” escape from a maximum-security prison in México on Saturday July 11, 2015, Kate’s words have been brought back to the media and many are wondering if she should fear for her life, or if she is even worrying about the situation. Currently in Spain, Kate has been openly talking about the subject, and replying to followers who keep asking if she wrote the published statement. 

Although Del Castillo is sticking to her words and seems to be fearless about the whole scenario, TVyNovelas reports that sources close to Kate indicated she appears to be very nervous, and fears for her safety which is why she is avoiding coming back to México anytime soon.