The now deceased Mexican comedian, Roberto Gómez Bolaños, is an icon in Latin American culture for his contributions to theater and television. Within that legacy are the characters that will always remain in our memory and heart.

Although "Chespirito" or "Little Shakespeare" always had a resounding success, he had dreams that he could never fulfill during his passage through the earth. One of the projects that failed to materialize now could be executed by his eldest son, Roberto Gómez Fernández.

The son of the most important Latin and Spanish-language humorist of all time,  told the Mexican press that he is preparing an animated film about "El Chapulín Colorado". "It has to do with something that my father had in notes about a possible movie of Chapulín in the 1980's, and wasn't done for low budget," he told the newspaper El Universal.

The producer, screenwriter and filmmaker explained that he had the project in mind for some time, but he had not been able to develop a story that had a conflict and a group of villains that was satisfactory. Gómez Fernández also said that he will relaunch the comic book focused on the Latin superhero played by his father.

"The comic people will understand it well: the essence is a little dissimilar of the Chapulín with the characteristics of a comic superhero, is the antithesis, so with the expert people ... we have not had conflict, but it differs from opinions of Where it should go and my responsibility is to take care of the essence of the character without transgressing it," he added.

The news comes at the same time as Marvel's iconic comic book publisher Stan Lee, announced at the largest comic convention in Latin America, that he will launch a new Latin superhero by the end of the year.