'El Chema' Telemundo Telenovela Finale: How Did Mauricio Ochmann Starring Series End On Last Episode?

El Chema
Julio Bracho and Mauricio Ochmann on the "El Chema" finale. Telemundo

Mauricio Ochmann starred as "El Chema" on the Telemundo series that has captivated audiences since the beginning. The finale starts with the DEA arriving at the location where El Chema is packing up a truck of narcotics. Salma is heard by Ponce talking to the cartel leader and is taken into custody. As El Chema and his gang disperse to leave, Ponce captures another drug lord. El Rojo is still struggling with the loss of his family and continues to feel dead inside.

In Miami, Saúl arrives at Amandita's place because he has nowhere to go. He tries to bed her while she is in the shower, but she refuses and kicks him out of her place despite him begging her not to. Blanca contacts Amandita because she wants to form a truce with El Chema after he ends with Ricardo's cousins. El Chema agrees to meet with Blanca at the mausoleum that El Rojo built for his family. As Amandita is confirming the place where the meeting will take place, Saúl overhears the conversation.

Amandita is furious about seeing Saúl at her house after she had kicked him out and threatens to shoot him. She gets aggressive with him and pulls the trigger, but not directly at him. Amandita runs him out of her place.

Blanca arrives at the cemetery and asks for a truce. El Toro receives a call that police are on their way and they all scram. Ricardo is at the location and is captured by Ponce when Tobías El Rojo stays behind and Ponce finds him inside his mausoleum. El Chema says in a voiceover that El Rojo didn't want to break from prison and rather stay there to pay for everything. El Chema is then captured by Ponce in Ecuador. In a twist, El Chema is taken to the same prison that Ricardo Almenar is at. They both charge each other, but audiences are left in the cold as to who will win the fight. "El Chema" Season 2?

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