Eddie "Piolín" Sotelo has been out of the airwaves after his contract was not renewed on XM Radio following a year on the satellite caster. If you miss waking up with the personality, fret not as he will be back on FM radio at the beginning of the new year. "El Show De Piolín" has been picked up by Entravision and starting on January 5, radio listeners will be able to listen to the new show. "The return of Piolín to the radio is nothing less than monumental and and we are going to take his incredibly popular show to our 12 stations Tricolor, La Nueva in Rio Grande Valley and Super Estrella in Los Angeles," Jeffrey Liberman said.

"I am really excited of launching 'El Show De Piolín' through my company Alliance Radio Network," Piolín said. "I am also thrilled of working wiht Entravision once again, not only as the principal affiliated group, but as the organization of sales that represent all the network sales for the show. "El Show De Piolín" will air weekday mornings from 6am to 10am Arizona, California, Los Angeles, Ventura, Monterey, Palm Springs, Sacramento, Stockton, Aspen, Denver, Las Vegas, Reno, El Paso, Lubbock, McAllen, Brownsville and Harlingen.

Radio listeners of "El Show De Piolín" on SiriusXM were shocked when the network decided to cancel the show after less than a year. The program hosted by Eddie Sotelo went on the air shortly after he was fired from Univision over sexual harassment accusations. Sotelo and SiriusXM remained in good terms according to a brief statement published by the Los Angeles Times: "The parting was amicable on both sides." Meanwhile Sotelo looked back at his time on satellite radio and said "it was a great experience." He also added, "I will continue my work as an advocate for immigration reform and my community involvement as I consider how to best use the variety of available new technologies to connect with my listeners."

Back in July 2013, Univision Radio canceled the morning show despite being a huge ratings success. The decision left listeners wondering what had happened and shortly after it surfaced that Alberto "Beto" Cortez, a former producer, filed a lawsuit against the host for sexual harassment. Cortez was also a writer and performer on the nationally syndicated "Piolin Por La Mañana" radio show and alleged that his former boss was "physically, sexually and emotionally harassing" for a period of three years that ended in January 2013. The claim was made in April of that same year and also addressed Sotelo ordering members of his staff to falsify letters in support of of a congressional immigration reform. Allegedly, Piolin made repeated sexually unwanted advances towards Alberto that included grabbing his buttocks and genitals every morning as he arrived to work.