El Tri's uniform designers have gotten pretty creative this year in their design for Mexico's national uniform for the World Cup in Brazil. A new video emerged today revealing the inspiration for the final product that El Tri will wear in the World Cup. Mexico's national team will be sporting a uniform inspired by Mexican lucha libre, specifically the outfit of one of the sport's most recognizable figures: Rey Mysterio who sports a mask of red, white and green.

El Tri's uniforms are being designed by a company called Iñigo. The company's head designer revealed the Mexican design: "I will show you the process we had for Mexico. The language of the design comes from the culture of the lucha libre, we wanted to bring it into the jersey in some way and we wanted to be aggressive." The video is part of a series of clips publsihed by Adidas showing employees in the company explaining the process of designing the jerseys for Spain, Germany and Mexico. 

The intention behind the brands is to demonstrate the business of clothing design in connection to the sport, and revealing the various people and ideas that go into creating a product who often remain unknown to the public. With this video, Adidas has opened its doors and allowed the public to observe one of the many various elements behind the sporting industry. El Tri will be taking this lucha libre-inspired uniform to Brazil in June hoping to bring back the championship.