El Dasa
Read these facts about the NBC Universo star before the "El Vato" series premiere on tv. NBCUniverso

NBC Universo will premiere its first original series "El Vato" on Sunday night. Starring Mexican regional star El Dasa, the 10-episode series will mark the acting debut of the charismatic singer. “Dreams do come true and to be honest I never imagined I would be acting on a TV series inspired on my real life experiences," El Dasa said in a statement. "I’ve always had huge dreams, envisioned myself singing on the most important stages around the world and I still can’t believe it. I am honored to work alongside renowned actors and colleagues. This challenge is a great blessing and hope audiences tune in to watch NBC UNIVERSO because we poured our hearts and souls into this production."

"El Vato" follows an aspiring singer as he navigates life in Los Angeles after landing a once-in-a-lifetime record deal. He risks it all, leaving his life in Mexico for the bright lights of Hollywood and a shot at stardom. With temptations at every turn, and his friends in tow, does he have what it takes to make it? "El Vato" has a stellar cast that includes: Cristina Rodlo (Mariana), Gustavo Egelhaaf (El Pollo), Ricardo Polanco (Brandon). Supporting cast includes Itatí Cantoral (Wendy), Arcelia Ramírez (Tía Eli), Horacio Castelo (Lolo) and Mauricio Martínez (Marcos) who plays El Vato's rival. The series premiere of "El Vato" is on Sunday, April 17 at 10pm ET on cable network NBC Universo.

Want to know more about the series star El Dasa? Read these 13 fun facts to get acquainted...

1. El Dasa was born in Hermosillo, Sonora

2. El Dasa means "joy to the people" in Russian.

3. He started his career at age 15 when he performed with Costa Azul during a wedding.

4. Up until that point, El Dasa had no inclinations for music. He spent four years with the band.

5. At the age of 17 he auditioned to be part of La Banda El Recodo, which he didn't get.

6. His real name is Dasahev López Saavedra.

7. El Dasa landed a spot on reality show "La Academia," but was eliminated during the second round.

8. He moved to Los Angeles at the age of 18 and became a driver.

9. Vicente Fernández discovered him when members of his mariachi band asked him to listen to his driver.

10. Fernández invited Dasa on-stage and sang "Amor De Los Dos" as a duet.

11. After video of him singing with Fernández went viral, he secured a contract with Fonovisa.

12. In 2012 he released his first album called "Pa' La Raza"

13. El Dasa has performed with acts like Grupo Laberinto, El Coyote y su Banda, La Arrolladora Banda El Limón and more.

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