For players who desire to accomplish the quest "The Blessings of Nature," a new method has recently been uncovered. The NPC Maurice holds the key to the secret ending of "Elder Scrolls 5"!

Players can choose from various missions in "Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim," none of which have the same outcome. Depending on the decisions a player makes in-game, a quest may develop differently.

According to Comicbook, a Redditor recently uncovered a new technique to obtain the Gildergreen sapling. It caught the "Skyrim" community off guard.

This Redditor managed to clear "The Blessings of Nature" without murdering anyone, and here's how the user did it.

Players must first encounter Danica Pure-Spring, an NPC in Whiterun's Temple of Kynareth. She'll issue the quest "The Blessings of Nature," in which players must restore or replace a dying Gildergreen tree in the heart of the city.

Danica will then instruct the player to travel to Orphan Rock and defeat some witches and a Hagraven using a supernatural weapon known as Nettlebane. It must be returned to Danica by the players.

Danica will assign the player the chore of collecting sap from the Eldergleam Tree in the Eldergleam Sanctuary. This new place must be reached by the player.

After accepting the mission, an NPC named Maurice Jondrelle will approach the player. He will ask the player to accompany him to the Eldergleam Sanctuary. Players can choose whether or not to accept him as a companion.

Accepting Maurice as a buddy is necessary for the secret ending to be revealed. It's also crucial to keep him alive as the players make their way towards the Eldergleam Sanctuary.

Players must equip the Nettlebane and use it to slice away the Eldergleam tree roots blocking the path to the map spot.

Maurice will make a quick defense of the player's "violent tactics." He would instead say a prayer to the tree.

Spriggans will not be summoned if you take this path. A new Gildergreen sapling will emerge instead. To accomplish the task, the player must return the sapling to Danica.

The sapling will ultimately bloom into a tree in the Whiterun town square, though it may take a few days.

Even among hardcore gamers, many players were unaware that this strategy existed. This occurred because they never contemplated the possibility of a "pacifist" path. A second issue with the hidden ending is the event's trigger criteria, which are occasionally broken in-game.

Maurice will approach the player automatically after getting their task from Danica Pure-Spring, as previously stated. Maurice, on the other hand, occasionally vanishes from the Temple. Instead, players must locate him and interact with him to activate the companion event.

This alternative ending, in particular, is far calmer than the standard path taken by gamers. Taking the Eldergleam sap by force will raise an army of hardy Spriggans who will pursue you even after you've obtained it.

This route was discovered the same Redditor who spent nearly 1,000 hours in-game to find this interesting new ending. As of this writing, the message had received 1,140 upvotes from other "Skyrim" enthusiasts.

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