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President Joe Biden and the Republican Party virtual nominee, Donald Trump, are in a dead heat for the White House in all the polls about voter intention for the 2024 election. Even after the controversial debate, the country is divided between the two candidates. However, potential voters have revealed that, at this point, only two people could change this outcome. Both of them are women.

According to this week's polls, taken after the debate, Michelle Obama and Kamala Harris might be the Democratic Party's strongest candidates to defeat Trump.

Michelle Obama, madame president?

The latest Reuters/Ipsos poll reveals that about one-third of Democrats say Biden should drop out of the presidential race after the debate. "In hypothetical matchups with Democratic candidates other than Biden, former first lady Michelle Obama is the only hypothetical candidate to definitively defeat Trump in this poll," says the poll.

The former first lady also tops the charts in favorability among registered voters, with Trump and Biden trailing her by more than ten percentage points each." When asked whether Trump or Biden should drop out of the race following the debate, nearly three in five agree for Biden and just under half say the same about Trump," added Reuters/Ipsos.

The results:

  • When asked who they would vote for in the November presidential election, 40% of registered voters say Biden and 40% say Trump. This tie between candidates is consistent from late May 2024 when 41% said Biden and 39% said Trump.
  • When asked about hypothetical Democratic candidate matches against Trump, 50% of registered voters say they would vote for Michelle Obama, and just 39% say they would vote for Trump.
  • All other hypothetical Democratic candidates either perform similarly to or worse than Biden against Trump. Vice President Kamala Harris hypothetically wins 42% of registered voters to Trump's 43%. California Governor Gavin Newsom hypothetically wins 39% of registered voters to Trump's 42%. All other hypothetical Democratic candidates earn between 34% to 39% of potential votes among registered voters.
Post debate poll michelle obama
Courtesy Ipsos

Mrs. Obama has said repeatedly that she has no intention of running for office. However, the pressure is mounting. Her popularity stems from her tenure as First Lady and her continued advocacy on social issues. Her potential candidacy, while speculative, generates significant enthusiasm among Democrats, who view her as a unifying and formidable candidate capable of galvanizing the base and attracting undecided voters

Kamala Harris benefits from the debate debacle

Despite Madame Harris challenges with public perception and approval ratings, her recent efforts to address key Democratic issues like abortion rights and climate change have resonated with certain voter groups.

The current vice president scores higher than Biden in terms of voter intention. Winning the election for the Democrats against Trump may again be a woman's job. Whether Harris or Obama will have the chance to do it and achieve what Hillary Clinton couldn't, well, that's not up to the polls or even the American people.

That is up to Mr. Biden, and so far, it's a hard pass.

US President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris
US President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris AFP

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