The coronavirus pandemic continues its rampage, spreading at a speed that today we crossed 1 million positive cases for the virus with the number of death crossing 54,000. And in these staggering figures are countless health workers who sacrificed their chance it protecting themselves and took the risk to protect others. But instead of taking this into account, there are still people who are flouting the strict guidelines to stay home and maintain social distancing.

This irresponsible behavior not only increases the risk of contracting the virus but also puts other, vulnerable age groups in danger. At the moment, New York is the epicenter of the virus surge in the US and in an attempt to curb people’s tendency to venture, Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office requested Grey's Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo to request her fans to stay home so as to reach the major chunk of the US public following the actress’ account.

"I have been asked to make another video to ask everybody to please stay home," Pompeo told fans. "I've had a lot - too many - phone calls and emails from doctors and nurse friends of mine, even the Governor of New York, his office called today to ask me to help, once again, to get the word out for everybody to please stay home. Please!"

"The healthcare professionals, the doctors, the nurses, anyone who works in a hospital, they're at their wit’s end and now they're starting to die," Pompeo continued. "We're not doing enough. Everybody, just please stay home. And if you know someone who is not taking this seriously and who isn't staying home, please talk to them. We have to stay home. It’s all their asking us to do. It’s not that hard."

In the past too, Ellen Pompeo had shared a post lauding health care workers out there saving lives during the coronavirus crisis, even when they have the “privilege to self-quarantine and isolate and try to stay healthy.”

“Nurses rock. Doctors rock. And anyone who works in a hospital or the health care industry, you rock. We love you. Stay safe,” she said.

Ellen Pompeo Ellen Pompeo dishes on off screen drama from "Grey's." Getty Images