Suspended hockey star Evander Kane has filed for sole custody of his daughter Kensington after claiming that his wife Anna Kane faked a pregnancy for months after getting an abortion in July earlier this year.

Evander Kane, who was suspended recently from playing with the San Jose Sharks due to a fake COVID-19 vaccination card, is going to court with claims that his wife had aborted their second child, and that she has been hiding this information by wearing a pregnancy belly for the past few months, according to TMZ.

The hockey star, who currently has temporary custody of their 1-year-old daughter Kensington, claims that Anna is unfit to take care of their child because of this and that she needs to take a mental health exam to prove that she is, in fact, fit to take care of their child, the New York Post reported.

Anna has said in a statement that she did get an abortion in July and that she was not forthcoming with this information to the court or her husband Evander. However, she claims that she is mentally healthy and that she did not wear a pregnancy belly to fake being pregnant.

The Evander and Kane divorce saga has been going on for months, with Anna claiming in July that her husband was unfaithful and that she and her daughter were abandoned by him when he declared bankruptcy in January.

She also claimed that he was betting on NHL games, including ones involving his team. Evander has replied by saying that these were all lies, and the NHL opened an investigation that could not substantiate the claims of him betting on NHL games.

As the divorce proceedings go on and his suspension from the NHL comes to an end by Nov. 30, Evander has been spotted with rumored girlfriend Mara Teigen in Los Angeles.

NHL star Evander Kane, who was suspended from playing with the San Jose Sharks, claims that his wife Anna has been faking her pregnancy since July. This is a representational image. Klim Musalimov/Unsplash.

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