'Enemigo Íntimo' Telenovela Series
The Spanish-language network released two new teasers promoting a new series. Watch the promos here! Telemundo

Telemundo is set to launch a new primetime series called "Enemigo Íntimo" and released two new teasers. In the first preview there's a little girl that says her name is Adelaida but then scratches it out and starts writing down her name Roxana Rodiles over and over. At the end of the promo we then see the back of a woman with the voice over saying: "My name is Roxana Rodiles." She closes a briefcase and a tored picture of herself is inside. There's no premiere date set yet, but we are already intrigued. Watch the preview below and tell us what you think!

In a second teaser we see a boy walking into a classroom and taking out his books. In one of the journals his name Alejandro Ferrer is written. Amongst his belongings the complete picture of the one that appeared in the first promo is seen. As an adult he has become a police officer and has a file on Roxana Rodiles as well as a newspaper cutout of young Adelaida from the Missing section. "Adelaida, I will not rest until I find you," he is heard saying.

Although both videos are cryptic and we are not able to see the faces of both actors, social media is rampant with the names of Fernanda Castillo and Raúl Méndez. Both appeared on "El Señor de los Cielos", the former as Mónica Robles and the latter as "Chacorta." Castillo recently bid farewell to the character that made her a meme and a household name.

"Five years ago I did a casting for a character that changed my career and life," she wrote after the death of her character in the Season 5 finale of the series. "Today I bid farewell to Mónica Robles with all the love and gratefulness that exist in my soul. Having to say goodbye has been one of the most sad processes I've lived through, but today I decide to stay with all the great things she gave me."

Mónica Robles had been a central character since the first season of the Telemundo series. Mónica Robles is described as a beautiful, strong-willed woman like Ximena (Aurelio's wife), Mónica is born into the world of the cartels, but unlike her, she joins this world once she leaves college. She and her two brothers run the business their father left them. Mónica is the brains of the operations and takes over the finances after her brother Isidro dies. She is comfortable around weapons and doesn’t hesitate to use them when she has to. Ruled by her passions, she is capable of killing anyone who gets in her way. Her only weakness is Aurelio, and she reappears in his life to help him regain his drug trafficking operation. Theirs is a fruitful relationship, but one that won’t last very long.

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