Fernanda Castillo is best known for playing Mónica Robles on "El Señor de los Cielos", but we reported that the star was getting killed offthe show after 5 seasons. It seems that Castillo is moving on, but staying with Telemundo and starring in her own series called "Enemigo Intimo". The main premise of the series is about the daughter of druglord that ends up falling in love with her father's enemy. Fernanda is one of the best actresses and Mexico and we are excited that it won't be too long before we can see her again kicking butt as she always does.

Mónica Robles is described as a beautiful, strong-willed woman like Ximena (Aurelio's wife), Mónica is born into the world of the cartels, but unlike her, she joins this world once she leaves college.  She and her two brothers run the business their father left them. Mónica is the brains of the operations and takes over the finances after her brother Isidro dies.  She is comfortable around weapons and doesn’t hesitate to use them when she has to.  Ruled by her passions, she is capable of killing anyone who gets in her way.  Her only weakness is Aurelio, and she reappears in his life to help him regain his drug trafficking operation. Theirs is a fruitful relationship, but one that won’t last very long.

Season 5 of "El Señor de los Cielos" has Aurelio Casillas retreating from the action and the business to live his relationship with Emiliana Contreras, his latest lover - in a ranch near the mountains, known as the Golden Triangle, between the states of Sonora, Sinaloa and Durango - apparently enjoying now that authorities believe him dead. But deep inside, he is preparing because he knows he’ll have to start a war that was put on hold, with Victor, his nephew. And he knows one of them will not come out alive. It will be a war to death that will shed a lot of blood, not from outsiders, but from his own family.

Monica was seriously wounded on her wedding day and awakens from a coma that kept her on the brink of death for a long time. Meanwhile, Alba is in danger when the convent where she has been hiding for a long time is attacked, so she goes to her son for help to save her life and the lives of the nuns who are at risk of being raped and murdered.

Victor, oblivious to everything that has happened to Monica and the rest of his family, has gone mad unable to find his wife. He is consumed by rage and resentment and that has Mexico immersed in a world of horror and chaos. The Maras Salvatruchas and other organizations under his command, have devoted to drug trafficking, kidnapping, piracy and human trafficking, leading the government to declare a state of emergency. His loyal collaborator, Superjavi, has decided to step back and operate from Colombia, as he knows things will not end well if he stays next to Victor, and he seeks an alliance with Aurelio.

Ismael, meanwhile, has become the Casillas family counselor and will do everything possible to keep the family together and above all, to reach a truce between his father and his cousin.

Felina, who had been arrested, tells Emiliana, her ally, she is about to be extradited, so Emiliana rescues and makes Felina part of her cartel, all behind Aurelio’s back. Once released, Felina organizes a group to support Emiliana. Monica, once recuperated, gets back to business, creating her own group and getting ready to destroy everything in her past that links her to the Casillas, and finally get them out of her life and her heart. Aurelio discovers Emiliana’s betrayal with Lourdes and realizes Monica was right when she constantly confronted them, so he decides to seek an alliance with Monica that will begin with developing war strategies, but he will soon try to take her to bed, which they both desire, but out of pride, deny it.