Fernanda Castillo's Mónica Robles To Die On 'El Señor De Los Cielos'?

Fernanda Castillo
Season 5 of the hit Telemundo series has had many deaths, but there's one character that we hope can make it through the end. Telemundo

Season 5 of "El Señor De Los Cielos" has been deadly as many characters have had their faith sealed on the hit Telemundo series. So far this season we watched Victor Casillas Jr. die, being a major character, and there are rumors that Fernanda Castillos's Mónica Robles could have a mortal end. According to NovelaLounge the character will not last until the end of the current season. Robles died during Season 1 at the hands of Aurelio Casillas (Rafael Amaya), but was brought back in the sophomore season. On Season 4, Mónica received a shot and we all thought she had died, but she woke up from the coma during this new season.

Mónica Robles has been playing with fire in the current season of "El Señor De Los Cielos." Having been shut out by Aurelio from seeing her son, she has been getting back in to business and started trafficking again. Mónica has aligned herself with Tony Pastrana (Emmanuel Esparza), who is an enemy of Casillas. He was the one behind the death of Victor, as well as another one of Aurelio's son's. With Mónica working with this man, it would surely cause an even bigger rift between her and Aurelio. Will he be the one to kill her for good this season?

As the news spreads on social media, many users are not too happy knowing that Mónica might die. The Mónica and Aurelio shippers thought these two criminals deserved a happy ending together. Maybe they could live happily ever after behind bars? Let's not forget they are trafficking with drugs and killing people with no heart to the families they leave behind. Either way, if Mónica does die, it would be a major loss to the series as she's been a breakout since the beginning.

Mónica Robles is beautiful, strong-willed woman like Ximena (Aurelio's wife), Mónica is born into the world of the cartels, but unlike her, she joins this world once she leaves college.  She and her two brothers run the business their father left them. Mónica is the brains of the operations and takes over the finances after her brother Isidro dies.  She is comfortable around weapons and doesn’t hesitate to use them when she has to.  Ruled by her passions, she is capable of killing anyone who gets in her way.  Her only weakness is Aurelio, and she reappears in his life to help him regain his drug trafficking operation. Theirs is a fruitful relationship, but one that won’t last very long.

Season 6 of "El Señor De Los Cielos" was announced earlier this year during the Telemundo Upfront presentation. It will not be easy for Casillas as it's payback time, the hatred he sowed since he sold his soul to the demon of drug trafficking is now knocking at his door with the face and blood of the many innocent people he destroyed. Aurelio will understand that his riches are an illusion and that after having been the great hunter he was, he will now become the prey. The women he mistreated, the men he betrayed, the political puppets he put in power, and even his own children will turn against him. Has the time come for Aurelio to pay for his sins?

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