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The World Cup is one of the most awaited events for soccer fans although some tend to take it overboard.

A woman has shared a harrowing experience that left her hospitalized after she was violently assaulted by her ex-partner because England lost to Italy in the World Cup staged in 2014.

The victim, identified as Gemma Williams, shared how she got a severe beating from her attacker and former partner, David Barr.

This happened during the 2014 World Cup when England settled for a tie with Italy. As a result of that experience, the now-37-year-old woman is hoping to raise awareness against domestic violence, something that she believes happens each time England loses or plays poorly.

Following that forgetful episode, Williams was left concussed for months and left mentally scarred for life, Wales Online reported.

“It was absolutely awful. I couldn’t leave the house for two months, I was off work for three months and the concussion lasted even longer,” Williams, from Mold in north Wales, said. “He had shown some signs of aggression, but I didn’t pick up on it properly as I’d never experienced that before.”

Williams recalled that day when England lost. Her former partner was drinking and watching the match when an unnamed colleague messaged her and asked how she was.

“David saw it and took it the wrong way – he got up and smashed my phone to pieces, before punching me and continuing to beat me whilst I lay unconscious on the kitchen floor,” she recounted. “I ended up in hospital the following day with a severe concussion, broken jaw and part of my ear bitten off.”

It was a horrific experience that Williams will never forget. As a result, she feels that the World Cup is a trigger for domestic violence, particularly due to the drinking and how soccer enthusiasts get hyped during this event.

Barr pleaded guilty to wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm in August 2014. He was sentenced by the Mold Crown Court to six years in jail.

“The culture of football and the World Cup encourages violence towards women. It needs to change,” Williams quipped.

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