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With 46.6 million people who describe themselves as English, this group makes up the biggest demography in the U.S., according to data from the Census Bureau.

Together the English, German (45 million), and Irish (38.6 million) made up over half of the White population alone or in combination, data from 2020 reveals.

According to Census Bureau analysts, results from the 2020 general survey reflect respondents saying, for the first time, specific details other than their race.

Respondents could answer Italian, Palestine or Cajun, the analysts said. In total, the 2022 census recorded data for 104 detailed 104 White groups such as Lithuanian, Pennsylvania Dutch, or French Canadia, among others.

Almost 17 million people said they are of Italian origin, 8.6 million Polish, 8.4 million Scottish and 8 million French.

As for the Hispanic population, the Census Bureau reported that it reached 62.1 million in the 2022 Census and 58% is of Mexican origin (35.9 million).

This means the Mexican population is the fourth-largest in the country, after the English, German and Irish.

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