Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto is in the middle of a paternity scandal. Although it's already known that he fathered a child as a result of an extra marital affair with Maritza Díaz Hernández when he was married to his first wife, the late Mónica Pretelini, the mother of his illegitimate child accuses Peña Nieto of being a bad father.

Maritza Díaz Hernández claims Peña Nieto appointed Luis Videgaray, Secretary of the Treasury, as the point person between the former lovers to deal with anything that has to do with their kid. She also says that the father of her child denied the kid with an official escort, as the constitution demands.

Díaz Hernández has also stated that the president of Mexico is an "irresponsible father" and she's fighting a battle so her son, Diego, can have the appropriate security that's intended for the son of a president.

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This accusations seem to be confirmed following the leak of an alleged audio between Enrique Peña Nieto and his former lover, where the "voice" of the president is heard naming Luis Videgaray as the person in charge of little Diego's needs. The president's supposed voice also adds that if Díaz Hernández declines the arrangement, all communication between the mandatary and the mother of his child will be over.

"You and I talked when we had to. Goodbye. If you don't talk to him, there won't be any communication and that'll be it. Goodbye," said the voice that's supposed to be Peña Nieto's.

"I don't have to discuss my son, especially my son's safety with people I don't know," Díaz Hernández replies.

Who appears to be Peña Nieto adds, "Anything you have to tell me, or anything that should concern me, you'll let me know through him. I don't know what is it that you want. I think I've done my best to assure an affable relationship with you and assume my responsibility, and I think you haven't done the same. That's why I'm going to let another person handle the subject."

He goes on and says, "I don't have to support you in any way. I just want Diego to be fine, and I think he has everything he needs."

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When he was running for president, Peña Nieto declared he had six children. Three from his marriage to Mónica Pretelini, who died in 2007, and his current wife's Angélica Rivera's kids, whom he legally adopted. That was when Maritza Díaz Hernández came to light and exposed the presidential candidate's (at the time) darkest secrets.

Given her allegations, Peña Nieto explained in an exclusive interview that when his marriage to Mónica seemed to be "on the rocks," he had an affair with Díaz Hernández and as a result, Diego was born. He also revealed that he had another affair with another woman who also got pregnant, but that child died at the age of 1, after being diagnosed with a malign tumor.

When asked if he takes care of the kid, Peña Nieto confessed his mom is the one in charge, and that he's provided the kid with anything necessary for his development. He also stated that he didn't see his kid as often but he reaches out for special occasions.

In the recording, it's heard that Díaz Hernández argues, "If you keep despising him the way you do, you'll keep hurting him. Think about it. Right now Diego can't really tell the difference, but when he grows up and realizes all you've said about your six kids, what will he think? That he's chocolate, a rock or what? Do you think he's not going to feel rejected when he's old enough to read that? Don't you ever think about that?"

You can listen to the suspicious recording here, and let us know, do you really think that's the voice of Enrique Peña Nieto? Or, does Maritza Díaz Hernández just want a lot of attention? By the way this sounds, it doesn't seem like a tapped phone line, but a recorded conversation that was on speakerphone.