Mexico's media outlets are insisting that Enrique Peña Nieto is sick with prostate cancer. Despite total silence on the matter from the part of the administration, a number of different sources say that the president is in fact quite ill. According to website "Hilo Directo," a source close to the president confirmed his illness. "I shook hands and he hugged me and then I felt he was like a skeleton. Peña Nieto was bones, haggard, emaciated, sick. " The president has been visibly unwell for some weeks.

Mexican news media are also insisting that the public should be informed of the state of the President's health, despite some claims that it should be a private matter. "The health of Enrique Peña Nieto is a state matter and therefore Mexicans should be informed. It is the right of citizens to know if the tenant of Los Pinos is ill."  News site Terra reminds us that "this is not the first time Peña Nieto's health is in question: years earlier, another journalist, Rafael Loret de Mola, mentioned that he had prostate cancer, but so far the rumor was not confirmed."

The rumors surrounding  Enrique Peña Nieto's health first emerged on social media. "There is a rumor that EPN is sick. I neither believe it, nor wish it to be true. " This was posted by PRD leader Andrés Manuel López Obrador on hisTwitter account. The Mexican media have noted that the statesman has looked somewhat thinner than usual, however, there has been no official comment from the President or his family. They are demanding that the public should know about their President's health.