Marly Rivera
Marly Rivera Marly Rivera/ESPN

ESPN fired national baseball reporter Marly Rivera after an incident that happened in Yankee Stadium last week.

At the time, she said "f***ing c**t" to a fellow female reporter over an Aaron Judge interview, reported New York Post.

She had been an ESPN Radio MLB playoff game analyst, a dugout reporter on the Home Run Derby, and also wrote for ESPN's digital platforms.

According to Fox News, she had been with ESPN for 13 years.

Rivera, a bilingual, brought a different perspective to her interviews, especially while speaking to Latin players.

ESPN confirmed in a statement to USA TODAY Sports on Wednesday that the reporter "no longer works here." Her bio is also no longer listed along with other employees.

Before the Yankees-Angels game last week, she and fellow reporter Ivón Gaete had a disagreement. It started after Gaete arrived in an attempt to interview Judge as well.

Rivera said that she had scheduled a time with the Yankee captain. When she repeatedly tried to tell Gaete about the appointment, she ignored it.

As the disagreement got intense, Rivera said "f***ing c**t." The words were caught on video. Later Rivera tried to apologize, but she was rebuffed by Gaete, who is the wife of John Blundell, MLB Vice President of Communications.

Rivera said that she fully accepted responsibility for what she said, "which I should not have."

She shared that there were "extenuating circumstances, but that in no way is an excuse for my actions." She said that she is a professional with a "sterling reputation across baseball," and she believes that she is being "singled out by a group of individuals with whom I have a long history of professional disagreements."

Gaete is a freelance reporter, and she was on assignment for Tokyo Broadcasting.

Rivera said that she and Gaete's husband have had disagreements over the years. According to her, this is why the last week's incident blew up and resulted in her getting fired.

Last year, one of her interviews with Judge had gone viral. She had asked him about his impending free agency.

She told Judge, who ultimately re-signed with the Yankees, about a friend who has a son, Jacob. He was upset over the rumors that the baseball player may have been leaving the Bronx. So Rivera gave him a chance to make Jacob less nervous.

He had said that Jacob, "We got a lot of great Yankees on this team," and that there are a "lot of great Yankees that'll be here for a long time, so, you know, don't be upset."

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