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Three men were arrested in connection to the murder of a high school senior student who was brutally beaten to death last week in the parking lot of the I Promise School in Akron, Ohio. On June 2, Ethan Liming was killed during a fight in the parking lot that started out from just horsing around with toy water guns. The 17-year-old boy died as a result of a blunt force trauma to his head.

According to Cleveland19 News, police were able to identify the suspects and issued each of them homicide warrants. The arrested suspects were Donovan Jones, 21, Deshawn Stafford Jr., 20, and 19-year-old Tyler Stafford. Although police said Liming’s death showed no evidence of a hate crime, the teenager suffered a brutal assault at the hands of his attackers. U.S. Marshals are on the case and will provide all necessary resources to help Akron Police Department in its fight against such violent crimes.

Liming and his friends were on board a vehicle, shooting people with a SplatRBall Water Bead Blaster gel gun just targeting objects and unsuspecting people. In a news conference, Akron police Chief Stephen Mylett said four youngsters, including Liming, were cruising in the teenager’s car and drove up to the parking lot of the school, an educational institution created by the Lebron James’ foundation.

It was around 10:40 p.m. when two of the teens got out of the car and started targeting the gel gun at four people who were shooting hoops on the nearby court. The gel gun supposedly has beads with water similar to a water balloon with the water-filled beads exploding once it comes in contact with a target. Police reports said the four individuals playing basketball started to run off while two of Liming’s friends appeared to have chased after them. It is not clear if Liming was one of the teens who ran after the players but the two teens returned to the car with the players coming after them.

“A confrontation occurs. Ethan Liming is assaulted and a fight ensues,” the police chief said.

Police officers responded to a 911 call from the teenagers about the fight at the parking lot located at 400 West Market Street around 10:45 p.m. They arrived only to find an unresponsive Liming laying on the pavement. Mylett said aid was immediately rendered to the teen but sadly efforts to save his life were unsuccessful and Liming was pronounced dead at the scene.

The Summit County Medical Examiner’s Office revealed Liming’s cause of death was a fatal head injury caused by a blunt force trauma and determined he was killed by homicide. A reward amounting to $30,000 was earlier offered to anyone who can provide information on the suspects.

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