“Euphoria” Episode 6 left people speechless as McKay, one of the lead characters, was seemingly raped - it not at the very least, sexually assaulted by eight frat boys. The scene was said to be so disturbing that this may have been the very reason why the actor who was originally casted to play McKay, quit the show.

Though the "rape" itself wasn't explicitly revealed, the scene starts off with McKay and Cassie making out in his room. A group of young men then rush in, pin tje naked McKay down to the ground, climb on top of him, and yell “McGay” while simulating sex acts.

The scene then cuts to McKay locked inside his bathroom, visibly shaken and crying. He then emerges and insists that he and Cassie continue to make love despite the events that had just transpired. Whether or not he was actually raped has sparked a heated discussion between netizens, but the scene was so brutal and disturbing that it was theorized that this may have been the reason why the actor who was originally slated to play McKay quit the show.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, being unable to shoot this scene was the reason why original actor, Brian "Astro" Bradley, quit the show. The former "X Factor" contestant and rapper was apparently disturbed with some scenes that weren't in the original script that he read. He was ultimately replaced by Algee Smith, who reshot all of Bradley's pilot scenes.

In an interview with Bossip, Algee Smith revealed that there was a difficult scene that not only challenged him as an actor, but as a man as well.

“I have this scene in one episode and it really challenged me as a man… It was an uncomfortable scene for me, but I had to learn how to separate myself and just be the actor because someone might be dealing with that type,” he said. “I had to get over my masculinity issues, as a black man we often have to realize it’s okay to be in this position for a minute…” he added.

Given all these details, and putting two and two together, it can be theorized that Bradley did indeed quit because of this particular scene - but until he confirms this, this theory stays as that.

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