Eva Longoria
Eva Longoria attends the Premiere of 'Carol' during the 68th annual Cannes Film Festival on May 17, 2015 in Cannes, France. Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Australian reporter Jenna Clarke recently accused Eva Longoria to have been pretending to use glasses just for the sake of promoting her endorsement deal with Aussie brand Specsavers. Clarke wrote in the article titled, ““The Goss: Why Eva Longoria’s shilling is shameful”: “The star of Desperate Housewives (don't remember it? Ask your nan about how popular it was like a decade ago) in town representing a budget eyewear chain, but according to photographers that have been snapping her for close to 15 years - she doesn't wear spectacles.” This obviously set the actress off and she slammed Clarke by proving she was wrong in the classiest, most eloquent way.

Longoria tweeted an open letter directed to both, Jenna Clarke and the Sydney Herald. “If you had done your journalist duty (it’s actually not that hard, a more thorough Google job, or one phone call to my camp and they could have provided you any documentation) you would see that I have been wearing READING glasses since May 3, 2013,” the actress said, “Long before Specsavers called me.” Longoria continued to stress on the fact that she needs the glasses only to “READ” and would not wear them on a red carpet, obviously.

The actress continued by saying, “So unless you are in bed with me at night, or in the morning at my breakfast table reading the morning newspaper, then you probably won’t find a ‘paparazzi’ shot of me.” Next, she enlisted the events where she might’ve been photographed wearing glasses, and closed with this: “So next time you want to write an article calling someone ‘shameful’ why don't you do your research because that is your responsibility as a ‘journalist’ and the Sydney Morning Herald should hold you to that ‘high’ standard even though are you just the lifestyle journalist,” Longoria wrote. “It sounds like maybe you need some glasses yourself.”

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