Evita Muñoz Death: Mexican Actress ‘Chachita’ Dead At 79 After Complications With Pneumonia

Evita Muñoz
Mexican actress and legend Evita Muñoz "Chachita" passed away from complications with pneumonia. She was 79. Televisa

Mexican actress Evita Muñoz, known as “Chachita,” has died. She passed away Tuesday afternoon at 79 after complications with pneumonia. She was surrounded by her loved ones. Chachita was a very relevant actress in Mexico. She was born in Orizaba, Veracruz in 1936 and was the only child of Ernestina Ruiz and actor/singer Paco Muñoz. She married Hugo Macías Macotela at 22, with whom she had three children.

Chachita was a comedian who made her country laugh for over 70 years. She began her career at the age of four, during the Mexican Golden Cinema era, when she debuted in “El Secreto del Sacerdote,” next to Arturo de Córdova, Pedro Armendáriz and Lupe Inclán.

A year later, she was catapulted to fame thanks to the movie “Ay Jalisco No Te Rajes,” where she appeared next to Jorge Negrete. Ever since that film she became known as Chachita, the girl who conquered Mexican cinema. She was gracious, had vivacious eyes and was very eloquent. Her laugh was contagious yet sweet. Throughout her career, Muñoz appeared in over 50 films, including “Nosotros los pobres,” “Ustedes los ricos,” and “Pepe El Toro.” It was in this trilogy that she acted next to beloved Pedro Infante.

Although Chachita grew up doing film, her transition to TV seemed more than natural. She appeared in more than a dozen telenovelas, but she found her comfort zone in comedy. She made everyone laugh in “Gutierritos” next to Rafael Banquells, “Mundo del Juguete” with Graciela Mauri, she was a regular in popular shows like Chespirito’s, Raúl Velasco’s, Paco Malgesto’s, Verónica Castro’s, Silvia Pinal’s and Ricardo Rocha’s. Muñoz was also a very talented impersonator and dancer.

Not only did she shine in the big screen and small screen, but she also starred in over 40 plays, worked on the radio and was the recipient of many awards, honors, medals and recognitions. She will forever be remembered as the legend she was.

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